Machine Leveling Tools: Important For Machine Installation

Published: 11th November 2010
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Installing heavy machinery into a manufacturing environment is a laborious and time consuming affair. Whether it is a large printing press, a generator, turbine, hydraulic press or some other massive heavy and unwieldy apparatus, fixing the door and installing the floor requires planning, patience and elbow grease. Whenever one needs to install heavy machinery of any type, it is best to first plan for every contingency and then double check all complications.

Once delivered and installed, it is necessary to do leveling first through machine leveling tools. Machine leveling is not as simple as one may think about. Axes that are on the floor should be loosely tied down and leveling points adjusted evenly to start out. Machine guards and covers need to be removed or put out of the way so that the sideways top surface is exposed where leveling to be checked. Machine leveling should not be checked on the table top, unless geometry between table top and way top surface is known. Normal wear to the table top and the possibility of worn sliding surfaces introduce the uncertainty that the table top may not be parallel to the way top causing a false level reading.

Therefore, only the way surface is used for leveling unless the condition of the table top to way top surface can be verified. If there is a saddle then saddle needs to be leveled first in both the directions and after that the table ways are leveled in both directions. Cross leveling done on a separate precision removes the roll of an axis. After the axes are adjusted the previous axis is rechecked to verify that no movement has occurred. Anchor points are also tightened evenly during the leveling process to maintain the straightness condition of the axis. After the main axis is leveled the secondary axis is leveled in the same manner as the main axis. Minor differences between machines tool dictate the exact process.

Thus, leveling is an important part of a machine tool installation process because it significantly influences the product quality, machine tool accuracy and machine lifetime. Conventional leveling procedures are performed by skilled engineers using machine leveling tools .

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