Main Purpose Of Social Media Optimization

Published: 20th April 2010
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The itention of the methodology of Social media optimization is perform activities to attract unique visitors to the website content. Social media optimization is one of the two online methods of website optimization. Search engine optimization is the other method of website optimization.

Social media is the platform from which the user shares their text, images, audio, and video.  Some of the popular social mediums include blogs, message boards, podcasts, wikis, and vlogs. To Name few of the popular social media platform are like Facebook, Twitter, RSS feed and many more.

Social Media optimization is a method to drive huge amount of people to the website, which can help determine whether the startup idea or website will make it or not. It is involved in driving traffic to the website through new channels, as search engines are not the only source to drive traffic to the websites anymore. Social media optimization has yet not taken over the SEO but has the potential too.

The main purpose of Social Media Optimization or SEO is to make the website visible to the potential group of people to increase the business of the website owner.

Through Social media optimization the business is promoted on the social networking websites like as mentioned earlier Facebook Twitter, RSS feed, Delicious, Digg, Revver they all fit the bill. These are all the websites that can now be used to put your marketing message. The message can be posted through a blog post and blog search engines. Basically it's trying to make something easy to spread which was earlier called the word-of-mouth. With the Social media optimization the goal is clear you are trying to make the website visible in the search engine.

The goal of the Social media optimization is to increase Link ability, Make tagging and bookmarking easy, Reward inbound links, and help your content travel.

Social media optimization is not limited to marketing and brand building; the businesses are now using this platform of social media participation as a part of their knowledge management strategy like post product development, recruiting, customer satisfaction, business development and more.

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